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Alligator Snapping Turtle DVD - Loggerhead Acres Turtle Farm

Loggerhead Acres Turtle Farm in conjunction with Killing Time Productions have launched a trailer for their full length DVD "Alligator Snapping Turtle -- America's Reptile Treasure".

Host Eric Braverman (Metallimania, Airmania) and owner John "The Turtleman" Richards wonderfully explain the entire process of the rarely seen turtles nesting, hatching, and crawling into the pond to find their first meal.

Filmed in the well known and beautiful Ozark region of Missouri; the scenery is spectacular and leaves little to the imagination. Original music by Fred Green, Hourcast, Greenhaven, Ryan Moonie and Laura Featherston keep the tempo rocking. This video brings plenty of unanticipated and incredible moments with these ancient creatures.

To purchase Alligator Snapping Turtles, This Turtle DVD and Video, or get more info from The Turtleman, go to: